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About the Artists

The Journey

We are Truth seekers and admirers of beauty, who  know the glory of God to be displayed in the small acts of our everyday lives. We believe that wonder at the creation of the One Who Sees, can open our eyes to see anew, and that this sight is the beginning and the end of true education. We long to provide a window into this wonder as we all journey towards reunion with the truth. Our work is inspired by nature and by the rich heritage of literature that nourishes our souls and baptizes our imaginations. We wish to invite others to join us in filling our places at the great banquet of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

the two of us in the Greenhouse.jpg

The Artists

We are sisters,  Addison and Ella, currently making our home in the Lone Star State.  When we are not spending our time honouring the beauty around us by giving form to the artwork you see displayed here, we are likely to have our noses buried in good books, to be savoring beautiful music, enjoying the company of dear people, or to be hiking through the woods and tending the lovely garden which Ella has planted. 

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