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The Glory in the Garden

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

To tend a garden is an art. The goal of art is to ape nature, to be a servant of the original creation as it were. Nature is a revelation of the divine here on earth. That is, if you listen to the medievals.

Can you see the glory in the garden? This idea has been steeping within my consciousness for last few months, and I feel the pull now to set words to the feelings and ideas that make up the music that has filled my mind. So... maybe we can look together, and see the fragments of divine grace and glory that are present in a beautifully formed lettuce bedecked with the morning dew-In the mushrooms on their journey from invisible mycelia that stretch farther than we even know, to their one day above the ground raising their little caps in salute towards the sky-In the course of "rosy-fingered Dawn" as she casts her bright beams over the soil on a foggy morning, hanging in the chill autumnal air.

Maybe words, an art all their own, can bring a bit of harmony to a beautiful jumble of inspirations yearning for the freedom of their place in the order of things.

Join me in these contemplations over the coming weeks and months, and step out on this journey of learning to see.

-Ella Hornstra at Tending the Soul

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