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Updated: Dec 7, 2022


Tending the Soul Art was launched in Aril of 2021, and its first year has already flown by. This year has been a wild ride of learning new skills, adventuring into the previously uncharted waters of the small business sea, and experimenting with everything from social media to sennelier paint. Honestly, we have had glorious moments and we have had discouraging moments, but, all in all, tending the soul has been a blessing to us- and we pray it has been a blessing to you.

Tending the Soul was created for the purpose of ministering to those around us with what is beautiful, good, and true. We believe that having beauty in our lives and truth before our eyes, tends our souls so that we are able to step forward on the journey of knowing both the Creator and His Creation better. When we first began this business, we had very little idea of how it would all work out, and every idea about the beauty we wanted to create and share. This has been a merry, whimsical adventure-full of surprises and delights. We have been so grateful for the ways in which Tending the Soul has become a ministry beyond even that which we had imagined. It is remarkable how the Lord has used this business to speak into the lives of his people, and we remain in awe of the work the He is doing. We sincerely want to continue growing the sphere of Tending the Soul and to keep marching along on the journey of learning how to manage a small business. It has had it's twists and turns, but we begin this new year encouraged by what God is doing, and full of excitement for the future.

Social media is an entirely new world to us, and endeavoring to navigate it has certainly been a learning curve. In many ways, I must admit to being quite disenchanted with the world of online communication, but, it has also been an invaluable tool for connecting with likeminded people and businesses and has-in its own way-turned into a ministry. So, we hope to continue sharing what we are learning and doing on Instagram and Pinterest. We pray that in this way some beauty may get dropped into your day.

The Blog has been sadly neglected for a bit, and so, we have high hopes of beginning to post around every two weeks and we are madly scheming about the content therein. We are dreaming about doing commentary on our favorite books and movies, writings on what we are learning about art and the areas in which we are growing, and (as always) sharing what we are loving and excited about.

We recently set up the commissions page on our website and are excited to see where that will lead us. After getting a few requests for specialized artwork, we realized that this would be an excellent addition to Tending the Soul, and so we are now open to collaborating with you on artwork that is totally unique and created by hand. This will be another wonderful adventure that we are so thrilled to be commencing.

We look forward to ushering in new postcard and print sets soon, featuring the portraits of some of our favorite authors; and we are excited to continue discovering the products that you love.

To conclude, we are feeling blessed and renewed as we enter this new year of Tending the Soul and continue to be granted vision about what this business should look like. We have a plethora of ideas and dreams that we cannot wait to begin bringing to life, and we hope that they will be as much a blessing to you as they are to us. We thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and ministry, and for supporting us through your business and your online presence. May we all continue to go further up and further in together.

-Addison @ Tending the Soul

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