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Writing out of Overflow

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This blog is born out of a desire to speak truth into the lives of others and share the goodness and the beauty that is sprouting in our lives. As I have prayed and pondered concerning what this aspect of our outreach is to look like, I have continually been drawn back to the concept of writing out of overflow- out of a spectacular abundance of knowledge and blessing.

What does writing out of overflow look like? To answer this, we must ask what it is that will be overflowing. Water is unpredictable and sporadic, it is refreshing and renewing, it is a great sustainer of life, and a conductor of energy. It can wear down rock and wash clean the earth to reveal it's foundations. It is life and it can mean death. In the same way, words can be heavy and sudden, sweet or deep. They can build up a life or they can break it down. They can channel the energy of a lighting strike and they can be as gentle as a whispering breeze. Our lives are like pitchers (or glasses if you will) and they are filled and emptied with the ebb and flow of the seasons of our living. When we are filled, we are often so full that we begin to overflow onto the things closest to us. This overflow can be that of a raging winter sea, bitter and angry, but is may also be a soft spring rain that encourages new life. As we are filled with truth, beauty, and goodness, the latter overflow begins to take place, and it is then that we are faced with a choice, will we live like a reservoir, allowing this overflow to simply collect and grow stagnant, or will we allow ourselves to be rivers, pouring into those around us. It is my hope that this blog, will be an outlet for the overflow of blessing that I am experiencing in my life. An outpouring of the things that I am learning, the truths that are restoring my heart, and the beauty that I am able to observe in the journey of my life. Knowledge and truth are neither of them meant to be kept in a well, but to be drawn up and shared among the thirsty.

Like water, may this overflow be reflective; reflective of the way the Lord is moving in my life and the things that are shaping my soul. Like water, may this overflow be clear; clearly showing the foundation of truth upon which I am built up by the Lord. Like water, may this overflow be refreshing; renewing the mind and the heart in beauty and goodness. Like water may this overflow be revealing; drawing me as I write it, and the reader as they read it, deeper into beautiful learning.

Writing, is by its nature, an overflow. It is the overflow of words onto the page to express the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs of a human being. It is, as such, a precious and sacred art. As water in its overflow has power, so too do words. To heal or to harm, they carry great potency. Out of the abundance of blessing which I have been given, may the words of these writings spring, to bless whom they will in their gentle falling and lead whom they will to the Living Stream.

The vision for this blog and for this community, is a vision of overflow and abundance. And I believe that as Christians we are called by the Lord to live like rivers, pouring out the blessings and the wisdom we have received so that the works of the Lord may be accomplished in our hearts. Will you join us as we seek to work out of overflow?

-Addison Hornstra at Tending the Soul

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Beautiful job. Love your writing.

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